First Winter Training: Playing in the Band

Excited to see the big new gym at Islands Brygge Skole for our first winter practice, Benjamin, Eduardo, D’mensch, Solveig, Henriette, Miriam, and possibly a couple more teammates all gathered outside the locked doors to the gym, waiting for Benjamin to bring us some good news. Instead, he told us that we’d inexplicably been booked to use the Music Room for our Saturday softball trainings. Dejectedly, we swiped the electronic key card to see for ourselves the absurdity of the situation. But upon entering the Music Room, our eyes and ears grew along with a childlike curiosity: a candy store full of congas and bongos and djembes against one wall, marimbas and xylophones and a baby grand piano on the other side of the room, and an elevated stage with acoustic and electric guitars and basses and amps and a complete drum set, with triangle.


Solveig rushed up onto the stage and positioned herself behind the drum kit. D’mensch dropped the massive bag of softball gear and was banging away on the marimbas before he could even get his winter jacket off. Henriette hopped up on stage and hooked up the shiniest electric guitar to one of the small amplifiers and laid down a few Led Zeppelin licks. Eduardo and Benjamin toyed around with the percussion instruments while Miriam tickled the ivories. If we’d only had the foresight to bring the DR-07 audio recorder with us! The Achievers were jamming away without so much as remembering how we even got to this magical Music Room.


Granted, we weren’t the goddamn Grateful Dead or anything, but we were having just as much fun as those merry pranksters. We swapped instruments and continued jamming away, sometimes trying to find a groove together, other times obliviously rambling on to ourselves. As the hour passed, our attention slowly turned back toward the bats and gloves strewn about the floor. Although the magical Music Room might be a good place to party or take part in some team-building jam sessions, our passions and interests eventually brought us back to the situation at hand: they gave us a fucking music room to play softball in!


We’re still sadly forced to realize that nobody in this city has the slightest clue what softball is and nobody seems to understand the magnitude of the struggles our club continues to endure. O, the humanity!


But we’re getting darn good at making the best out of a real bummer, man. We shall remain vigilant and will persevere over the forces of incompetence and sloth. Not the lazy animal, nor the delicious Amager brew, but the dejectedness of nihilism. As the Dead lyrics go,


Some folks trust to reason

Others trust to might

I don’t trust to nothing

But I know it come out right

Cuz we’re just playing

Playing in the band

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Indoor Practice #3: Rune’s Birthday

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Indoor Practice #4: Shootin’ Hoops with the Philippino Gangsters

Wes wins it for his squad with a fade-away, stumbling-out-of-bounds, no-look, hail mary, hook shot.


Indoor/Outdoor Practice #5:  Obviously not a golfer

Slim, Lukwata, and D'mensch brave the frost to play outdoors at the Future Stadium Site Not-to-Be (DR-byen parking lot), where a round of pitch, hit, and catch had us laughing and choking on the stench of raw sewage under our feet.

So we decided to head to the driving range in Amager, covered in snow, but still open for business, to hit some golf balls. Lukwata sure has a nice swing...let's see if he can translate that into line drives this season.