June 1 - @ Aarhus

Season Opener 

Double-Header @ Aarhus


Two tough losses today. 8-9 and 6-7. both in extra innings.
we were missing pitching.
Lukwata threw 3 innings of no-hit baseball till they got to him in the 4th and tied the game 8-8
Feebles jumped in for the close and held them scoreless in the 5th but we didn't score in the 6th and I gave up a run in the bottom of the frame to end the game.
Abdel Valdes highlighted our hitting in this game with a GRAND SLAM in baseball's return to Danish soil........ Viva la revolution!

2nd game started off good, with Lukwata going deep over the green monster in left centerfield. a no-doubter scorring Feebles who hit his way on in front of The Sea Monster.
Burly, who caught the first game, was a storm on the basepads stealing 2nd and 3rd twice, both times after being hit by pitches. he also had a few hits and didnt strike out for the day.
Abdel pitched game 2, but had some control-issues. And somebody needs to teach him to hold on runners.......even Rod stole 2nd with no chance for the power power arm of wes behind the dish to throw him out.
Jessey Stamper was not his usual self....by the time he sobered up, his knee failed him. We had to put him on first, with orders not to move for anything and just catch what was thrown at him. Who would have guessed that we would line up as following: Abdel pitching to Lukwata. Jesse, a gimp first base. Rookie Casper (from Aarhus) on 2nd. Feebles on short and rookie Tim (also from Aarhus) on 3rd. The killer B's Benji and Burly in a two man outfield!!
Benji had the play of the day with a running grab shin high in left field.

all in all a great day! batting was led by lukwata in a 4 from 6 performance including a HR a bb, a K and a bunch of RBI's
Feebles was 5 from 7 on the day (4-4 in game 2). with a walk and a couple of long singles off the green monster.

and maybe best of all.... great vibes! nobody was bitching when game 1 started an hour late, because our guys in the car were late. they had to wait for a no show in the morning, so they had a very late start.
we borrowed 3 aarhus dudes and nobody was talking about automatic walkovers.
when we only had 8 for the 2nd game - no automatic out was enforced, and everybody was cool with us taking Jesse out of the hitting lineup and just placing him in a wheelchair on first after his knee started to pop out all over the place.
What a day!! you dont wanna miss the next one fellas!

peace out!


Aug. 9 - home games on Fyn, vs. Aarhus

Game 1 - (rain delay)

The pitching strategy worked. Five different pitchers, each guy gets one inning then he gets the hook. Feebles said that although it's been talked about before, nobody's ever been able to pull it off in his twenty years of ballplaying. Well, the Achievers achieved the impossible. And thankfully Bo knows baseball -- his hree sliding catches and 1.000 OBP for the day were huge. We love the smell of ganja in the dugout; smells like... victory.


Aarhus - 1




Game 2 -

Abdel was real down in the dumps, man. You could say he really had a rash. After a rough day at the dish with a cursed red bat in his hand, he finally swapped lumber and drew a walk in extra innings. Loco baserunning brought him all the way around the bases with no more than one or two pitches being thrown. Safe at home, Abdel scored the walk-off winning run on some bonafide baserunning badassery.



Aarhus - 5


(in extra innings)