If You Will It, It Is No Dream

After three games were postponed last week by opponents not having enough Oysters or Bulls to play, we finally found ourselves on the diamond once again. This time, the ongoing saga takes us into the countryside -- to the island of Fyn.

The Achievers were more than a man down. Several starters weren't able to make the journey, but were nevertheless relieved by those who did. Good tunes, bad hummus, and a few laughs later we were on the other side. A brief visit to Damestenen -- an ancient rock which had wandered into the middle of nowhere -- really got our blood boiling...damn thing just sittin' there stonewalling us.

We soon calmed down at the sight of Hank's Grandma's old home right next to the field. Wanting to break in and scrounge around, Hank wisely admonished us: "this is a private residence, man." Besides, it was time to play ball.

The Oysters got themselves a nice-looking field; totally unspoiled. That is, until Feebles hit one over The Wailing Wall in left. He had the hometeam baffled in Game 1, with D'mensch working the dish for the first time ever. The Achievers took a commanding lead and never looked back, mercy-ruling their hosts to the tune of 12-4 after five innings. Everybody was taking good cuts, hitting hard foul balls, and showing veteran patience at the plate.


Final score (according to softball.dk): 16-4, Achievers


Game 2 was ever'y bit as stupefying...

Morten playing in his first game had some great ABs and a couple good catches in the outfield.

Niclas ended the day with a 1.000 OBP, got hit twice w/ the ball, and even slid face down in the muck!

In fact, every Achiever had at least one run scored and/or one hit.

It was one of those wet and wild games of comebacks and letdowns, strikes and gutters:

2-0, Oysters - btm 1

4-2 Achievers - top 2

5-4 Oysters - btm 2

6-5 Achievers - top 3

7-6 Oysters - btm 3

8-7 Achievers - top 4


And then all hell broke loose as the skies opened up and poured on our hit parade. With no means of controlling his pitches, Feebles walked two and beaned three (including that poor woman!), while giving up a couple hits. And the right side of our infield and outfield committed a bucket-full of errors. After two twenty minute rain delays, there was still two outs in the bottom of the fourth, but the score now read:

14-8 Oysters - btm 4

With two runners in scoring position, we finally got their best hitter to line-out to end the inning.

And with that, the Achievers could've folded their cards, thrown in the towel, and said "fuck it". Down six runs in the rain, it sure didn't look good. But we went out and achieved, anyway. The bums will not always lose!

Imagining the game was again 0-0, with three innings to play, our bats went crazy and we stopped making stupid mistakes in the field. With four runs in the 5th, two in the 6th, and four more in the 7th, the Achievers made a monstrous comeback to finally put the rainy day to rest. The sweep was complete, having outscored the hometeam 10-1 in the last three innings. Those guys were dead in the water!


Final score: 18-15, Achievers


Feebles felt relieved after an endless day on the mound, saying "We really picked each other up. If somebody made an error, someone was there to make the next play. If another dude didn't get on base, the guys behind him made sure to put good swings on the ball."

And the Achievers continue to show strength of character, even in such 'Nam-like conditions.

The weather looks warm and wonderful for our next match, at home against Cockadale. Our last game before the All-Star Break.

But don't you worry, this whole durned human comedy just keeps perpetuatin' itself on down the summer and across Clover Field, through the sands of time...