Achievers Hath No Mercy on Shavuot; Smote Pirates 9-2

The Kokkedal Eight were no match for the Urban Achievers on Tuesday night, despite the bodacious and gracious gesture from the home team -- insisting that the visitors not be punished for being a man down, thus not implementing the automatic out each time the no.9 spot came around.

In fact, the Achievers have subversively transgressed several silly rules this year. Another one being that a team is only allowed one Designated Player option. With a bench full of eager rookies, the second division needs a rule change to encourage maximum participation. Nobody likes sitting the bench. The Achievers make sure every player who suits up, plays. The only way to do this is by using multiple DPs.

But I digress...


Top of the 1st:

The Achievers found themselves down a run, after a solo shot from KIK's three-hole hitter. The dude even got a congratulatory firework display as he trotted back to the dugout. Damn, I love this Sandlot!

KIK took the early lead, 1-0. But for this team of Achievers, leads mean nothing. Leads? Hahahaaa...LEADS! The boys in the home dugout started working on the Pirate's pitcher. And we were working in shifts!!!


-The Revenge of Lukwata - 3/3, 2R, RBI, SB

-The Return of Rorin - 2/2, R, 2RBI

-Come-from-behind win

-No errors

-Only three team K's

-Team OBP of .500

-Morten finding dozens of foulballs


And the best dialogue that may very well have taken place after the game:


Morten: Why don't you roll on Shavuot, Rune?

D'mensch: Yeah come off it, man. You're not even Jewish!

Rune: 3,000 years of beautiful tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax...

Hank: Mmmm... Sandy Koufax

Rune: ....you better fucking believe I'm Jewish!


Alas, the Achievers are nihilists when it comes to the mercy rule. We don't fucking care! It don't matter to the Achievers! We're not so fragile in the second division that the game need end after 5 innings if a team is only down 7 measly runs!!!

You still got 2 innings to come back!

Am I wrong here, dudes? What do you think, KIK? AM I WRONG!?!?

Alright then.


And we still got a lot of softball to play this June...

-Monday, June 13th, double-header at home against somebody called "Oysters"

-and whathaveyou


•     •     •