An Appetizer Before We Get Wild Bill's Avant-Garde Recap


Here's the short and sweet of our pre-All-Star break contest...


The Achievers held on to a 5-2 victory against Cockadale.  It was a tight game. KIK stranded a ton of runners, but we got big strike-outs when he needed them. Threefingers threw 13 strike-outs in all. 

With 3F on the mound and D'mensch behind the dish, we had a new infield with Wild Bill at 1B, Rodrigo at 2B, Eduardo at SS, Wes at 3B. 

In the outfield, we had two lines -- just like in hockey. First line was Jens in LF, Nic in CF, and Morten in RF. Second line was Peter in LF, Rasmus in CF, Nis in RF. And Hank took over at 1B. All substitutions came in the top of the 4th.

The Achievers got off to a fast start, as Threefingers led off with a solo homer to right field. No fireworks this time, but it sure made a loud noise. Rodrigo singled and D'mensch doubled with two outs...and the seamonster stepped to the plate.

Lukwata ended up delivering what would turn out to be the game-changing hit. With two outs and two on, he came through with a 2-run double putting us up 4-0 in the 1st inning.

Slim made a game-changing catch in LF when he sprinted toward a long, deep drive and caught it on the run, with two men on. Could've been an inside-the-park homer, but it saved three runs instead.

'Twas a really close and tight game the rest of the way. Despite having guys on base in nearly every inning, KIK only squeaked two runs across.

The Achievers added a bit of a cushion with two-outs in the 5th. After Dudermensch hit a laser that nearly took off the head of the man at the hot corner, the 3rd baseman took the relay throw from left and turned it into a close play as D'mensch got the "go" sign for home. Runnin' faster than ferret fleeing a fig-eater with a towel on his head, trying to find reverse on a Soviet tank, D'mensch slid in safely for an inside-the-park home run.

And with guts and guile, we the Achievers held on to win our sixth in a row to close out the first-half of the season on a high note.

We now enter the second-half right at the top of the standings at 8-3.

Shit yeah! THE ACHIEVERS!!!