Double Heartbreak for Opening Day Achievers

GAME 1: UA'ers 1-2 Bulls


Fortune favors the Achievers

with bright and sunny days,

as on this season-opener -

a cure for off-season malaise.


But Stoneless ain't the Bahamas

when Charlie's on the mound.

"The man in the Bulls pajamas"

looked determined to take the round.


But when Feebles toe'd the rubber

as the Acheivers took the field,

our big man worked his magic

forcing Stoneless bats to yield.


Fortune doth favor the home team,

in a tie-game in the sun,

and with their last-inning blooper

Stoneless had stolen Game 1.



GAME 2: UA'ers 10-13 Bulls


Just because we've been beaten

doesn't make us saps!

for the Achievers woke their lumber

from miserable Game 1 naps.


Right as things looked outta hand

behind a handfull of runs,

dudes started gettin' on base,

driven-in by our big guns.


Just a couple mistakes to Charlie

and some errors on defense

were enough to doom the Achievers

from a win of proportions immense.


Right on down the roster

the Achievers gave it their best

on a sunny day in Stoneless

with heartbreak in their chest.