Achievers play like warrior poets of the Sandlot, winning twin-bill vs. Aarhus

A beautiful story is unfolding in 2nd division softball this year. The Urban Achievers of Copenhagen continue to play softball with light hearts and positive vibes, and now they're translating that energy into victories.

On one of those wonderfully random, and ridiculously antiquated weekday holidays of the Danish springtime, the worthy adversaries from Aarhus arrived at the sandlot in time to see the finishing touches on our field preparations. Bases were pounded in, the makeshift backstop hoisted on high, and lines were drawn in the sand.

The competitive camaraderie between these two terrific teams has been a sure-fire recipe for creating things every bit as stupefying as you'd see in the movies. And in English, too...so we can all die with a smile on our face.

The reunion of the brothers Videbaek -- playing against each other for the first time ever -- was a drama in and of itself. While the strong arms of the Achievers, painting corners on the big canvas, reached epic proportions. 

In true Achievers style, every one of the 13 guys who showed up played at least one entire game. Spreading the joy. Keepin' it real. Silencing the skeptics.

And darkness warshed over the dudes from Aarhus. The only sound to be heard was the intoxicating drone of some random pan-flute loop playing far out beyond right-field, casting its spell over the weary old boys from Jutland on this hot day in the sun.

Under the power of the pan-flute, "Three-Fingers" Jensen hurled a mystical no-hit shutout in Game 1, as the Achievers took the front-end of the double-header on a bases-loaded, mercy-rule walk-off double from "Slim" Sonne.

Nothing got by the new infield alignment -- Lefty Joe at the keystone spot, D'mensch at short, and Lukwata making a triumphant return to the hot-corner -- a veritable vacuum defense. 

Copenhagen 7-0 Aarhus


In Game 2, Feebles got his groove back and was painting corners like a true maestro on the mound. Our experimental lineup hung tough and did just enough against the mighty Aarhusian Kiwi hurler to take the back-end of the twin bill.

A couple of great diving plays illustrated just how much we wanted this one: Lukwata lays out full extension on a scorcher down the line to rob the Kiwi of a triple, and catcher Three Fingers Jensen sliding on his knees to corral a pop foul only millimeters from the fence. 

The Urban Achievers emerged with another shut-out victory. Copenhagen pitchers were truly throwin' rocks on this memorable day! 

Copenhagen 3-0 Aarhus


Our loyal, lovely fans ensured another great day at the sandlot by cheering us on, grilling some dogs, and passing cold beers around to everybody at the ballpark. They truly are an inspiration to us all.

And after the old boys from Aarhus hung around for a couple hours eatin' hotdogs, drinkin' beers with the hometown hosts, and watching in disbelief as the Achievers made a mockery of some very poorly played post-game slowpitch, they soon realized their fuckin' troubles were over. For they must've remembered that a bad day of softball at the sandlot still beats a great day of work in Jutland.

We're looking forward to meeting those old boys again on down the trail. But first, we got ourselves another home game to look forward to. This Tuesday evening against the lads from Cockadale.

And the beautiful story of your Urban Achievers continues to unfold, westward the wagons, across the sands of time...