The Dudes Were Lazy Men...

Some would say we have the laziest men in Copenhagen on our team, which would put us in the running for laziest worldwide.

Probably expecting to win again and complete the sweep of the suburban youth squad, the Copenhagen dudes came out sluggish.

Granted, the Achievers fielded an incomplete team for what was likely to be the series finale against the young guns of GSK:

Threefingers needed to man the outfield for the young lads of Gladsaxe (even hitting a homer for 'em), Dudermensch had to umpire once again, and Feebles stashed the bat away and threw jazz balls all day. Moreover, the absence of amiable personalities like Tucci and Nic left an unusual silence lingering in the Achiever's dugout. Add to that a few sleepy starters and overworked day-laborers and you've got yourself the makings of a long and lethargic day on the diamond.


In spite of the silence and low energy, the city slickers still managed to score some runs and flash the leather. Jesper showed good discipline at the dish on an 0-2 pitch and drove one to right field for a single. Wearing the lucky no.14, Lukwata hammered out a few hits, including a triple, after bequeathing his no.44 jersey to Hammerin' Hank, who epitomized the day by launching a 2-2 pitch into the right-center field gap all the way to the wall...for...well...for a looooong single. 

The younger Munch brother, normally Yankee-smooth in his lazy ways, showed surprising effort on the left side of the infield, making a diving stop and gunning y'r man down. The Venezuelan double-play combo up the middle looked even smoother, albeit a tad bit out of form, but hey, at least they looked good.

And although the Achievers couldn't get the batting order straight, with a couple guys missing their turn, the situation was quickly saved by having the same two guys each bat twice in the same half-inning, to make up for lost ABs.

So you see, it was an easy-going, lazy day of nitwittiness and general mental fatigue. But the plane didn't crash into the mountain or anything. In fact, the game came down to the wire. And unless the umpire is mistaken, the scorekeeper forgot to count a run for the Achievers. Thus, their fate was sealed even before the final out, as the comeback fell just short and your Copenhagen anti-heroes gave one to the hometown lads, losing 9-8.

After a couple of narrow defeats and a series of rainouts really putting a damper on the stretch run of our regular season, seems like we've hit the low point of the year. It can only get better from here, as we face Cockadale in a twin bill on Saturday.

Let's hope for sunshine.

If you will it, it is no dream.