A Running List of Ideas...


1. Heckla Fields - Amager Fælled

on Lossepladsvej (at the southern end of Artillerivej)


2. Valby Idræts parken

on a parking lot where cars need to be told not to be there


3. Kløvermarken - wherever

turn gypsy and just play wherever there's room


4. Gladsaxe - for games maybe


5. Tingbjerg - ditto



Previous UA proposals to the Federation

Leading off:

expanding the Designated Player (DP) rule

result: success! The 2nd division now allows for two DPs per team, per game.


On deck:

moving beyond the Mercy rule

result: nothing as of 2012... this needs to change for next year.


In the hold: 

Post-season Tournament, men's Division II

result: nothing as of yet...is there any interest?


Warming up in the bullpen:

The Ringers - an emergency player pool for 1st division next year

Slowpitch Fridays - resurrect these events which went so well last year?

Scrimmage games for the ladies - can we get one organized for September, while the dude's are playing baseball?

Scoring system - as of now, the Danish Softball Federation scores wins (3pts) and losses (2pts) in a way that's nothing less than absurd. We need the standard softball scoring system of Won, Lost, and Games Back (W, L, and GB)