Copenhagen Urban Achievers Softball/Baseball Club

Come play baseball and softball in Copenhagen!

Get ready to play some BASEBALL IN COPENHAGEN! The Achievers and Achieverettes will try their skills at baseball this coming 2014 season, while continuing to dabble in softball activities. Whether or not you are familiar with baseball or softball already, dream of hitting a home-run, feel the need to get out and socialize, or just want to satisfy your curiosity by trying on a mitt and running around a bit, please feel free to join us.

Copenhagen Softball/Baseball Club consists of a Women's team - The Urban Achieverettes - who often play side-by-side with the Men's team - The Urban Achievers - in both baseball and softball activities. We would love to start a little league baseball team, but first, OUR CLUB NEEDS A HOME FIELD in KØBENHAVNS KOMMUNE!

Another Season to Remember...

Great things happened on the Sandlot this 2013 season! A group of talented, friendly, and focused females played in the Danish Women's Softball Tournament for the first time ever. Way to go, ladies! And proud we are of all of them.

As for the men's Urban Achievers softball team, the season ended brilliantly! With several teams vying for second place overall, your big city sluggers swept the final day in victory: The Achievers finished in 2nd place with a final record of 14-6!

The Achievers also played in the annual Danmarks Baseball Cup in Flensburg, Germany. UA made a miraculous comeback, but fell just short. Final score: Team West: 20 - 19 : Achievers



News and Updates...

The Sandlot Situation

The entire Copenhagen Softball/Baseball club stands to lose our beloved Sandlot for next season, once again forced off our own grounds due to construction of artificial turf for football (see Bryggebladets article about us: Idræt er andet end fodbold, p.2).

This aggression will not stand! Thus, we embark on another adventure: to find a new home, build a BASEBALL FIELD for next season (2014), and start a little league baseball team for juniors. Please contact us if you can help.

Our club actively participates in both the Danish Baseball Federation and the DSoF, although for 2014 our primary focus will be on establishing BASEBALL in COPENHAGEN.