Copenhagen Baseball/Softball Club

Come play baseball and softball in Copenhagen!

Coed Spring Training in Copenhagen!

The Copenhagen Urban Achievers -- Denmark's defending baseball champions -- are warming up for the 2015 baseball season and everyone is welcome to join! Whether or not you are familiar with baseball or softball already, dream of hitting a home-run, feel the need to get out and socialize, or just want to satisfy your curiosity by trying on a mitt and running around a bit, please feel free to join us.

News and Updates

WEBSITE: we are in the process of transferring the website to a baseball domain name so some stuff isn't working properly. Please bear with us. If you're already signed into the forum and can't see messages, just click "QUOTE" and they'll appear.

Where's our FIELD? After København Kommune's highly dubious seizure of the entire Sandlot (grusbane) at Kløvermarken, we were once again forced off of our homefield so yet another artificial turf soccer field could be built (as we also experienced in 2008 in Fælledparken). Læs Bryggebladet: Idræt er andet end fodbold, (s.2).

Despite the inability of Københavns Kommune to re-locate our club to appropriate facilities, we still go out and Achieve anyway...


When: Tuesdays from 5pm, Saturdays from 2pm, and usually whenever it's sunny

Where: the cricket field at KLØVERMARKEN, in AMAGER

The Urban Achievers

Co-ed Baseball (men and women)

For 2015 - our club is fielding one team in the Danish Baseball Federation.


SPRING TRAINING has begun for The Urban Achievers! Your 2014 national baseball champs welcome you to join us for our creative and crazy PRACTICES at the cricket field in KLØVERMARKEN, AMAGER on Tuesdays from 5pm and Saturdays from around 2pm.


If you've already been out to practice with us and want to sign up on our forum, just click on the headline, The Dug Out (above), and sign up. Check out our membership info while you're at it. Due to website maintenance, you need to click on "QUOTE" in order to see posted messages.